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Zobacz wszystkie etapy, składające się na proces realizacji.

1. Design

We provide comprehensive design advice, helping in the selection of cladding and installation system. We coordinate inter-industry projects, create cost estimates and work schedules, ensuring effective implementation of industry projects.

2. Vision on the ground

Site preparation and careful planning of the construction site are a key stage in the process of building a ventilated facade. Accurate analyzes of field conditions, precise measurements and appropriate selection of structural elements are necessary for effective and durable facade installation.

3. The first stage of assembly works – aluminum substructure

Installing the aluminum substructure in the first stage of work is crucial for the stability and aesthetics of the ventilated façade. Careful workmanship, compliance with the design and quality control provide a solid basis for subsequent phases of work, guaranteeing a durable facade structure.

4. The second stage of assembly work - thermal insulation, hard wool with a veil

The second stage of assembly works - thermal insulation, hard woolThe second stage of assembly is the precise placement of hard facade wool with a veil to ensure adequate thermal insulation.a with a veil This key step has a significant impact on the energy efficiency and durability of the building structure in the context of constructing a ventilated facade.

5. The third stage of assembly works – cladding

The third stage of assembly works focuses on key activities related to the preparation and installation of the facade cladding. Careful workmanship, the use of professional materials and adhesives are key to ensuring the durability, aesthetics and effectiveness of a ventilated façade.

6. Finishing works

Creating window glyphs is an important element of finishing works, giving character and individuality to the facade. Precise design, careful workmanship and regular maintenance are key to the durability and aesthetics of these decorative architectural elements.

7. Closing the document submission process

Completing the document submission process is a key stage in finalizing the construction project. Ensuring the completeness and compliance of documentation is necessary for the proper operation of the building and enables effective management of the warranty and possible maintenance.

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