Vision on the ground


Preparing the place

  • Field visit, preparation of the construction site
  • Preparation of the site for storing materials and processing boards
  • Checking the accessibility of transport vehicles
  • Performing the actual measurement
  • Selection of load-bearing anchors for the type of load-bearing wall
  • Setup and acceptance of facade scaffolding

A field visit and preparation of the construction site are the foundation of the process of constructing a ventilated façade. Careful analyzes of field conditions, precise measurements and the selection of appropriate structural elements are crucial for the subsequent effective and durable installation of the facade.

Vision in the Field

The first step is a site visit, during which the design and construction teams carefully analyze the conditions of the construction site. This vision includes an assessment of the surroundings, access to the site, topography of the site and any existing facilities.

Preparation of the Construction Site

The next step is to prepare the construction site. This includes clearing the area of ​​unnecessary items, as well as ensuring safe working conditions for employees and access to necessary resources.

Preparation of the Square for Material Storage and Slab Processing

Determining the area intended for storing materials and the space for processing façade panels. The organization of this area is crucial for the efficiency of the construction process.

Checking the Accessibility of Transport Vehicles

A thorough analysis of the possibilities of transport vehicles reaching the construction site. This is important for effective delivery logistics and minimizing potential transport problems.

Performing the Actual Measurement

Accurate measurement of the actual condition of the terrain, taking into account all topographic and construction nuances. This allows you to adapt the project to real conditions.osowanie projektu do realnych warunków.

Selection of load-bearing anchors for the type of load-bearing wall

Based on the actual measurement and the structure characteristics of the existing load-bearing wall, engineers make a precise selection of load-bearing anchors. This is a key element ensuring the stability and durability of a ventilated façade.

Setup and Acceptance of Facade Scaffolding

Setting up facade scaffolding that will be used to install facade panels. Checking their correctness and safety is a key step before starting construction work.

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