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    The latest completed projects

    In our gallery you will find photo reports from facade designs, covering various architectural styles and design concepts. Each facade is a unique challenge for us, which we undertake with passion and commitment. Therefore, we would like to share the results of our work with you and prove that ventilated facades are not only a functional solution, but also an expression of architectural art.


    How do we operate?

    All stages of the installation process of a ventilated facade.

    1. Projects

    2. Vision on the ground

    3. The first stage of assembly works – aluminum substructure

    4. The second stage of assembly work - thermal insulation, hard wool with a veil

    5. The third stage of assembly works – cladding

    6. Finishing works

    7. Closing the document submission process

    Why is it worth choosing our company?

    Our company, m3ziolek ventilated facades, is a leader in the installation of innovative ventilated facade systems. We ensure high quality assembly, follow the latest trends and offer support from the beginning to the end of the project. Ventilated facades are not only aesthetic, but also save energy and care for the environment. Choose us, take care of your home and wallet!


    Latest entries

    Designer's compendium, ideas for the facade, facade materials, assembly systems, brochures, technical sheets, press articles.

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