5 kroków projektanta

Step 1. Your vision is most important! We’ve just come true your dreams.

The most important is the architectural conception. Designer is a dreamer with his unusual, irreplaceable vision. If you know how your final effect should be, we will help you to choose suitable facing panels, proper technical solution.There is first question if you plan building with austere, technical or rather cosy familiar look. Will you design the elevations of public, multifamily buildings, or one-family house? (1.1) Will it be the high building ( more than 25 meters high ) or mid high building ( les than 25 meters high ) (1.2)

1.1 – austere and technicalFacing with austere and technical look:Concrete plates reinforced glass fibersMetal platesFacing with cosy familiar look:Wood panelsHPL  panelsUniversal fading panels:Fiber-cement plates    Ceramic platesStonePutz ventilated 1.2. high and mid high buildingHigh building – needs fire resistance certificate – non-flammable facingConcrete plates reinforced glass fibersFiber-cement panelsCeramic    StonePutz ventilatedMid high building needs  fire resistance certificate  – NROConcrete plates reinforced glass fibersFiber-cement panelsCeramicStonePutz ventilatedMetal panelsWood panelsHPL panels


Step 2. Exceptional appearance of your building

When you have vision already, you know your requirement, you should decide which kind of material you are going to choose. Moreover you should choose exact color from producer palette.Now is also appropriate time to decide if you want use additional elements like: decorative steel screws, the inscription cut out of plates, different surfaces of plates, panels in wavy shapes etc. Moreover design the technical aspects like: if window’s and door’s glyph will be made of the same plates as façade, if windows will be compatible with facade’s plates etc, how you pipe the water away, if gutter will be on or under the elevation’s plates.

Step 3. Final effect but technical questions

Last esthetic element which you must choose is the plates montage system. Will it be hide or visible montage system? There are three usual system: visible montage – with rivets painted in the same color as plates, hide montage – with glue system or anchors system.

4. Technical questions, in your executive project.

When vision became the reality because of choice the kind of material, color, montage system etc. you need to draw the architectural project. All essential information, like technical data of material, drawing details etc, you will find in our website or get from contact us.

Step 5. Have you got some question? Please contact us!

We are at you disposal! We work in the area of whole country! We wait for your contact!Have you got some questions? Please call us : +48 664 33 22 83 or write us email: info@m3ziolek.plWe also suggested to use the ”Question card”.Every technical doubts, individual solutions in drawing documentation, counseling in choice of material or other question from range of coordination and projection the ventilated façade we will solve with each architect, or individual client in meeting or by email contact. 

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