Realisation process

Step 1. Designing

  • Counseling during the designing process
  • Assistance in selection of kind of material, montage system coordination
  • Preparation the cost calculation, schedule of work
  • Preparing the montage design




sample design of sub-construction








sample design of plates arrangement


Step 2. Preparing the building site

  •     etap2Reconnoiter in the building siteetap2
  •     Preparation of the square for store away materials and cutting
  •     verification of capacity of access road
  •     Preparing the measure of building
  •     Arranging the scaffolding

Step 3. Montage the sub-construction

  • Supply the complete sub-construction
  • Plotting on the wall the layout of sub-construction designing in construction project
  • Montage the brackets vertical profiles & painting profiles in fugues

etap3a etap3bm3ziolek_euronit_2010_krakw3

Step 4. Montage the terminal isolation

  • etap4 Supply the wool thermal isolation
  • Montage the mineral wool

Step 5. Montage the plates

  • Supply the plates
  • Cutting the plates according to the dimensions measured in construction project
  • Waterproofed the cutting edge
  • Cleaning the surfaces sub-construction by Sika Cleaner, apply the thin coat of Sika  Primer all over the surface
  • Putting the glue and the tape over the whole length of vertical profiles
  • Placed the façade panels to be fixed in the required position

etap5a etap5b etap5cskanska_rzeszow_politechnika_elewacja_wentylowana-3

Step 6. Finishing

  • Preparing the glyphs

etap6a etap6b

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