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www.euronit.plFiber cement is modern, natural raw materials. Plates are uninflammable, springy, distortion resistant and weather conditions resistant. All plates  have been classified as environment friendly and healthily product. Producer has offer several collections: variety of color palette, texture, dimension.Basic offer:-          Natura collectionColored in whole mass thicknessavailable 42 standard colorsthickness 8, 12-mmmaximum dimension 3100 x1250-         Tekstura CollectionGrain surface textureavailable 15 standard colorthickness 8,12 mmmaximum dimension 3100 x1500

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Explore the world of Equitone – a leading provider of premium fiber cement facade panels. Our materials boast a natural and authentic appearance, combining aesthetics with unparalleled durability. Discover a spectrum of colors and patterns, offering versatility for architects and designers to create distinctive building exteriors. Equitone panels are engineered for exceptional resistance to weather elements and chemicals. Whether for commercial, educational, residential, or medical projects, Equitone is the choice for elevating architectural designs. Unleash your creativity with facade solutions that blend innovation, resilience, and timeless elegance.”

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Ventilated cladding by M3ziolek .

For over 100 years, architects have been using Eternit Equitone facades in the designs of the world’s most important buildings. Many of these structures now have a permanent place in the history of architecture, with some being honored with prestigious awards in the field. Fire-resistant fiber-cement boards from Euronit (material class A2) can be used for various types of buildings. They are suitable for installation at any height and can also serve as balcony panels. These boards are available in versions of mass-colored plates, with a matte colored translucent coating (Natura), and with an intense colored external coating – Textura. Additionally, the Eter Color collection is available in light beige colors, giving the facade a gentle, cozy character.”

“Euronit Equitone fiber-cement panels are made from non-combustible, highly compressed material consisting of a cementitious binder reinforced with fibers. The material, when hardened, is resistant to deformation and adverse weather conditions. The primary raw material in proportion is the binding agent, which is Portland cement produced by burning limestone and clay shale. To optimize the product’s properties, additives are introduced, such as limestone flour and ground fiber cement (recycling). Synthetic organic fibers made from polyvinyl alcohol are used as reinforcing fibers. These fibers are also employed in a similar form in the textile industry for outerwear and protective fabrics, nonwovens, and surgical threads. Their physiological safety is of paramount importance. They also contain air trapped in microscopic pores. The application of a micro-porous structure system results in a frost-resistant, moisture-regulating, actively breathable, yet still waterproof building material. Fiber-cement products behave absolutely neutrally towards electromagnetic waves and radiation, ensuring that radio waves, infrared radiation devices, search and rescue signaling devices, and radar waves remain undisturbed. The factory-applied coating on the surface, applied several times with a hot process, guarantees consistently high-quality facade panels. This coating is resistant to light and ultraviolet radiation. The back of the panel is coated with a mechanically equivalent quality lacquer. All facade panels by Eternit AG have been assessed as environmentally friendly and safe for human health and hold relevant certifications.”

Material Specification for Equitone

Equitone Natura Natura Color Palette for Ventilated Facades

The colorful translucent paint coating applied to the Natura facade panel allows the fiber-cement structures to show through the surface. The distinctive features of this panel include irregularities, various paint shades giving each panel a unique, individual character, and traces of the production process.

Natura collection panels are:

  • Mass-colored
  • Thickness of 8 and 12mm
  • Maximum panel dimensions: 1250 x 3100
  • Available in 42 standard colors

Equitone Tekstura Texture for Ventilated Facades

The special colored coating on the Tekstura facade panel enables the creation of a fascinating pattern with vibrant colors. Tiny beads on the panel’s surface significantly reduce dirt adhesion. These beads break the surface tension of rainwater, causing it to bead up rather than streak, as is common on smooth surfaces.

Tekstura collection panels are:

  • Thickness of 8, 12mm
  • Maximum panel dimensions: 1500 x 3100 mm
  • Available in 15 colors

Equitone Eter Color Eter Color Collection for Ventilated Facades

The Eter Color collection features pastel panels with a lightly embossed surface. The panels are colored throughout, without additional external coatings, giving them an exceptionally natural appearance, further emphasized by the earthy colors available in this palette.

Eter Color collection panels are:

  • Thickness of 8mm
  • Maximum panel dimensions: 1220 x 3050 mm
  • Available in 7 colors

Applications: Large-format fiber-cement panels are primarily used for:

  • Cladding external walls as ventilated facades
  • Filling the framework of walls in column-and-beam constructions
  • Cladding internal walls
  • Cladding balconies

Euronit Equitone panels also offer extensive possibilities for customized applications to meet individual needs and the designer’s vision. The vast array of available colors, ranging from highly saturated and vibrant to muted and subtle, allows for adaptation to the unique character of the structure. Ease of processing enables creative solutions in panel cutting. Additional decorative elements, such as steel rivets, can add an individual touch to the planned investment.

Additionally, there is the option to use small-format facade tiles that can be installed on both walls and the roof of the building. This allows for cladding the entire building volume with the same material, creating a uniform cube.

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What are the advantages of Equitone facade panels?

Equitone facade panels are a high-quality fiber cement material characterized by a natural and authentic appearance. Here are some benefits of Equitone facade panels:

Excellent Durability: Equitone facade panels are highly durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions and chemical factors.

Attractive Appearance: Equitone facade panels are available in various colors and patterns, allowing for the creation of a unique facade design.

Versatility: Equitone facade panels are easy to cut and shape, enabling adaptation to individual design needs.

Scratch and Stain Resistance: The surface of Equitone facade panels is exceptionally resistant to scratches and stains.

Equitone facade panels are designed for use in advanced commercial, educational, multi-family, and medical applications. With their advantages, they are an ideal facade solution for projects incorporating creative shapes and distinctive angles.